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Disclosures: In order to partially cover some of this website’s operating expenses, may occasionally receive “affiliate” compensation from some of the companies whose websites and products that are listed here. We have researched all of the websites and products  mentioned on this site and we do not pretend to recommend or give preference to any of the companies who offer affiliate compensation. We always clearly disclose whenever there is an “affiliate link”.

The vast majority (99%) of websites, products, and links to herpes resources mentioned on DatingWithHerpes.Org  DO NOT offer affiliate programs or any sort of compensation.  Our #1 priority is to provide the most useful, up-to-date, and accurate information available about genital herpes and dating with herpes and local/regional herpes social and support groups, especially to those people who are recently diagnosed with genital herpes and in search of answers to their questions and local support and other resources. is staffed by unpaid volunteers, with editorial content from leaders and moderators of Herpes Social and Support Groups from all over the world. All of the opinions expressed here are our own. is NOT owned, sponsored or otherwise controlled by any company that offers paid products or paid services to people with genital herpes  It’s nice to be able to cover some of our website operating expenses through occasional affiliate link commissions, but it’s much more important to provide the Herpes community with honest, objective links and information, that are not potentially influenced by financial or other incentives.

Whenever you are seeking honest, unbiased and objective information about genital herpes on the internet – please make sure that the information you are using is correctly identified if it has been “sponsored” or “affiliated” or is an “advertisement” as opposed to “looking like” or “appearing as if” it is unbiased independent  and objective editorial content.  Some sites are owned, sponsored, or affiliated with herpes treatment manufacturers or other “products and services” that charge money to people with herpes and other STDs – but some of these sites do not clearly disclose their ties.  For more information on sites that do NOT adequately disclose their ownership or affiliation with companies that sell products to people with Herpes, see Herpes Scams.

Here is a list of companies from whom this site may receive or in the past may have received affiliate commissions:

Positive Singles,,, PersonalLabs.  Other affiliate links may be added from time to time and will be indicated by an asterisk following the name of the site.