Can I transmit herpes to my family?

Q: Can I transmit herpes to my family, children or roommates? I was just diagnosed with Herpes today. Its still all sinking in, but overall I think I’m taking it well. Of course its just the first day so we’ll see. As a 27 yo, I’ve been one of those dudes who thought he was […]

When is the best time to tell someone that I have genital herpes?

Q: When is the best time to tell someone that I have genital herpes?  I was diagnosed with genital HSV-1 this summer and have not had many  opportunities to tell potential partners about it. I was wondering when the  appropriate time would be to tell my partner. My doctor said that I  should postpone sex for […]

I have genital HSV-1. Do I have to take the same precautions as HSV-2?

Q: I just found out that I have genital HSV-1.  I’m confused about a lot of things. I’ve read a lot about how HSV-1 can be passed from oral to genital contact, but not a lot about how likely it is to be passed genital to genital. Now that I have HSV-1 genital herpes, do […]

I just found out that I have herpes and I’m devastated

Q:  I just found out that I have herpes and I’m devastated. I feel like it’s over. I see all the stories about people being in committed relationships… but what if you are not? How do you tell the people you casually slept with before you knew you had it?   I feel like it is the end of […]

My Doctor Won’t Give Me a Herpes Blood Test

Q: My doctor won’t give me a herpes blood test. I have had symptoms that sound like they might be genital herpes.  The first time, my doctor did a visual  examination and said it looked like chaffing.  He took a swab from the area and did a “culture” test for herpes, which came back negative.  The symptoms […]

How long should I wait before taking a herpes blood test?

Q:  I may very well have been exposed to a girl with genital herpes and now I have a rash on my penis. My urologist (who doesn’t seem to know a lot about herpes) thinks I only have a fungal infection, but gave me a lab form for herpes blood tests anyway. My question to you […]

How to disclose herpes to former lovers

When you first learn that you have genital herpes, you may want to know how to disclose this to your former lovers so that they can get tested for herpes.  Here’s a draft of a possible letter that you might want to send your former lovers. If you want to send them an anonymous email, you […]

My boyfriend was diagnosed with genital herpes. What should I do?

Q: My boyfriend was diagnosed with genital herpes and I have some questions.  I hope you can answer or direct me to the correct source.  I can never get a live person with the herpes hotline. 1.  What are the chances that I could get herpes from him if he uses a condom? He has […]